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tom__98 at wrote:
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>   Richard.Jones at wrote:
> > Tom you little troll-meister. Half those arguments
> > you cite are bollocks if you _really_ knew and
> > "greatly prefer" Python. Try again.
> Maybe you can contribute more constructively:
>  -- How can I browse the Python documentation without firing
>     up a web browser?  How do I get information on a single Python
>     function or class quickly?  Is there any equivalent of
>     "perldoc -f split" or "perldoc Net::POP3"?  What do you
>     do in that situation?

A) The docs are available in more than html (see the site)
B) load the interpreter, and print the doc string:
>>> import os
>>> print
link(src, dst) -> None
Create a hard link to a file.

>  -- Is there a Python equivalent of CPAN and the Perl CPAN
>     module?  The closest I know of is Parnassus.  But Parnassus
>     is merely a collection of links, not an archive, and it
>     doesn't have any facilities (AFAIK) for automatic installation.

CPAN is IME, highly overrated.

>  -- Several extensions I have wanted to install have required access
>     to the full Python source tree, not just the header files and
>     the library.  Is that going to change?  Otherwise, how can

I've had perl extensions like that. Ask the author of the particular

>     I install Python extensions that want access to the source
>     tree on, say, a standard RedHat system?  Having the standard
>     RPM-based installation in parallel with a /usr/local installation
>     from source is confusing, and removing the RPM-based installation
>     risks breaking things.

For the compiling modules: ./configure --prefix=/usr

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