APL Characters in Unicode

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Character codes for the APL characters are in Unicode Standard Version 3.0.
They are on the U+2300 - U+23FF code page.  Their names are such things as
have all of APL glyphs as unique Unicode APL characters.  There is APL
FUNCTIONAL SYMBOL EPSILON UNDERBAR, but it is apparently not necessary to
have APL FUNCTIONAL SYMBOL EPSILON separate from some other code such as
SMALL ELEMENT OF, which is closer to the APL epsilon than the GREEK SMALL
LETTER EPSILON in terms of the glyphs used in the book. (Messy, messy.)

I found this in a Borders Books & Music all by itself in the midst of the
computer books.

  The Unicode Consortium.  "The Unicode Standard: Version 3.0"
  Addison-Wesley Longman (Reading, MA: 1991-2000).  ISBN 0-201-61633-5.

There are over 49,000 assigned character codes.  The assigned characters are
assigned to 16-bit codes.   There are extensions devices for using paired
code values in UTF-16, but no assignments have been made for any of those.
I always thought quine corners were Quine corners, but I guess not.  (This
is like getting lost in a dictionary.  What does quincuncial mean anyhow?)

-- Dennis

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kc5tja at garnet.armored.net (Samuel A. Falvo II) writes:

> Astonishingly enough, it is.  Or so I've been told.  Not sure where or how
> to verify this, though, as I've never used APL.  It's part of their 32-bit
> character set.

Unicode is more waving around 16 bits, aiming 20 maybe, and having 31 as
ultimate maximum.  They never had 32 bits in their plan, so far that I know.

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