Teaching the art of programming, in python

Ivan Van Laningham ivanlan at callware.com
Wed Apr 5 18:24:03 CEST 2000

Hola, Listeros--

Warren Postma wrote:


> What I would like to find is an introduction to the Art of Programming, in
> Python.


> The Python texts I've read are good References to Getting Stuff Done, but
> they Don't Teach the Art. Speaking of Dummies, was there/is there a LISP for
> Dummies, or Smalltalk for Dummies?  Can Python for Dummies be far off?
> <sigh.>

Please forgive the BSP (Blatant Self-Promotion) here.

On April 17, according to Macmillan, my book _Teach Yourself Python in
24 Hours_ will finally be out.  Its mission is to provide exactly what
you're looking for, a book that teaches programming, art, attitude and
philosophy, using Python.

I don't know how well I succeed.  That's left to the critics to
determine.  The book should really have been called _Python Mind,
Beginner's Mind_, because it draws heavily on Shunryu Suzuki's _Zen
Mind, Beginner's Mind_.  It is not a _Python for Dummies_ book, however,
because I don't believe that people who want to learn how to program
should either be called or treated like dummies.  I try to convey how
much fun programming is, and try to show some of the really neat things
you can do with Python.

There are even Mayan glyphs in the book.  You can visit the web page
(which includes the "advance praise" page;-) at


<that's-a-feature,-gordon>-ly y'rs,
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