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>>>>> "Jody" == Jody Winston <josephwinston at> writes:


    Jody> It looks like to me that we have gone back to the model that
    Jody> all the world is a Vax and if it compiles and runs on the
    Jody> Vax there isn't any problem with the software.  All the
    Jody> world isn't Linux and the only compiler isn't gcc.

I have to say that for *me*, all the world *I know* *is* Linux...  I
do not have access to anything else, so I don't even *know* what works
or what doesn't (I've worked on a DECStation 5100 a *loong* time ago,
and I've had the `pleasure' of working in VMS Pascal (on a Vax of

This is one thing I found lacking in autoconf (which is generally a
great tool for these things): A guide to things that should be
autoconfiscated (beyond the obvious like word order etc[1]).

Hmmm, someone should really start something like this...

Generally, most Free Software developers are dependent on user reports
(and patches).  So, if something doesn't work on your box, let the
developers know...

Bye, J

[1] `Obvious' is, of course, very subjective.  Word order is obvious
for *me* because I once did all my (personal) development on an
Amiga... which is big-endian in contrast to Intel chips.

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