Paid to work in Python? (was: Re: Choice Of Language)

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Fri Apr 7 13:06:09 EDT 2000

ngps at (Ng Pheng Siong) writes:

> According to Philip 'Yes, that's my address' Newton <nospam.newton at>:
> > (The German term "eierlegende Wollmilchsau"[1] comes to mind.)
> >
> > [1] literally, "egg-laying wool-milk-sow [female pig]", i. e., something
> > that tries to do too much at once.
> I once saw a German term that was translated to "improve-worse-ment."
> Can some one provide the German word, please?

I guess you mean Ver-schlimm-besserung (remove dashes), but thats a worsening
correction. You won't find it in dictionaries though.


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