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Chuck Esterbrook echuck at
Tue Apr 18 00:30:19 EDT 2000

icarr at wrote:
> I heard once more from the hosts of
> Apparently, the "responsible (for fixing it) person" is our very own
> Mike McLay, who is theoretically on-site with the machine today
> (Monday) and I got a "hopefully, it will be back up today" from the
> mscp guys.
> I say theoretically and hopefully because according to the news on
> my pager, today is the worst day in the history of Washington, D.C.
> traffic.  So who knows if Mike McLay even made it to the machine.
> If he did or once he does, let us hope that he can put it back into
> working order.
> Manus Hand
> posting from God-knows-whose address, so please don't reply

The situation with the Starship seems to reveal that:

[a] It's highly relied upon by the Python community (consider all the modules people find at V of P that are really hosted on the Starship for downloading).
[b] It's not well monitored and/or taken care of
[c] There is no suitable backup/contingency machine to switch over to.

How can the PSA change the situation to address [b] and [c]? I'd certainly be willing to pay higher dues if that's what it took, but there may be other ideas.


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