Questions on 1.6a2's string methods

Manus Hand mjhand at
Fri Apr 14 03:32:12 EDT 2000

1.  I see that string objects now support (as methods) most of the
    functions from the string module.  Among these are:
        upper, lower, split, strip, find
    and surely others.  My question is, why is capwords (which seems
    to be in the same genre as upper and lower) not a method?

2.  Along these same lines, since split() became a method of the
    string type, wouldn't it make sense to make join() a method of
    the list type?

3.  Are the classlike standard types (list, dictionary, and now
    string) equipped with a __dict__ attribute?  I can see the names
    of all functions supported by a user-defined class by saying
    className.__dict__.keys(), but I cannot see the list of methods
    for the string type (at least not in the same way).  Thus my
    need to ask silly questions like #1 above (maybe capwords is
    there by some other name??)

Please copy me on any response.  Thanks!


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