Beginning to be disapointed

Michael A. Miller mmiller3 at
Fri Apr 7 00:03:46 CEST 2000

>>>>> "Johann" == Johann Hibschman <johann at> writes:

    > [Yes, I know.  I'm fouling up the reference chain.  But
    > there's weirdness afoot, and I can't do any better.]

    > Hugues Demers writes:

    >>> 2. how are you reading them in?

    >> I use a module written by M. Miller called TableIO to read
    >> my data because it's fast. It read text file into Numeric
    >> array

    > Aha.

    > This might be it.  IIRC, some of the innards of the
    > reference counting changed at some point in the NumPy
    > distribution.  If you're using a different version of NumPy
    > than TableIO was designed for, there might be a memory
    > allocation problem.

The innards of _tableio doesn't use NumPy at all.  All it does is
tokenize a file, run atof on it and return a list.  The list is
stuffed into a dictionary and there certainly could be some
weirdness in my reference counting there, but I've never
experienced the sort of problem that Demers reports.  NumPy is
used in a python wrapper to convert the list to an array.

Maybe Hugues Demers would post the offending code for us to look

Regards, Mike

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