Using python on the web

amphgobb amphgobb at
Sat Apr 22 00:44:43 EDT 2000

>We were wrong.
>than CGI-based alternatives), let alone compete with CGI's
>portability, ...
>I recognize no one here is disputing the proposition.  It's
>just struck me recently how pervasive the propaganda on this
>score is.  CGI has an *abyssmal* popular reputation.

There is a reason for that and I question whether the CGI naysayers
were ever wrong. The arrival of mod_perl and mod_php provide two
distinct development platforms which do not need to fork a new 
process for each instance of the script execution.

I am not aware of many sysadmins who allow universal CGI access without
mod_perl, and a cgi-wrapper. 

For my money, I will stick with these 'next-generation' web technologies. 

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