Mac Python Questions

Jeff Massung jmassung at
Wed Apr 19 11:04:56 EDT 2000

Okay, I've been looking all over the net and the documentation that came
with the MacPython distribution, but can't seem to find the answers to these
questions. Hopefully someone else out there on a Mac can help me out?

a) There is a file In $(PYTHON):Mac:Contrib:... called Good
color editor. I would like to use that instead of Is there a way
to install the color one?

b) No matter what I do, I can't get Tkinter to work :(. Lately I'm led to
believe that the Mac version of Python doesn't use it, but uses the Mac
stuff instead. Is this the case? If not, how can I get Tkinter to work?
Whenever I run something that imports it, it dies on the line with the
comment "If this dies your computer might not be set up for tkinter". How
can I set up my machine for it? Thanks :)

c) Back to when I run it in Python IDE, it works perfect.
But if I use BuildApplication it dies during compile with errors in My question is just why this would happen? And it seems to
happen on other files I've tried to compile, too.

Thanks, everyone - you've been great! Good NG.


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