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In article <200004192223.IAA10606 at envy.fulcrum.com.au>,
Richard Jones <Richard.Jones at fulcrum.com.au> wrote:
>   Phil has spent quite a lot of time developing that site (Tcl over a 
>relational database) - and you should expect to spend some time on it also. 
>That's assuming he won't just give you his code :)
As Brent Fulghum has already mentioned, PhilG
gives it all away.  All the software is freely

Phil certainly has invested a LOT of time in
photo.net.  On the other hand, I suspect Mr.
Hadap will be able to implement in Python the
aspects that interest him quite quickly, and
he might feel more comfortable with the result.
>   I would suggest that you develop a Zope site - for three reasons:
>   . it'll make using a "real" database much simpler thanks to Zope's 
>easy-as-pie SQL methods. Remember, Zope comes with gadfly bundled in the box.
>   . you'll automatically get access to a bunch of public-contributioned prior 
>art: guestbooks, news pages, FAQ handlers and so on. See the member area on 
>www.zope.org for a taste.
>   . once you're done, you can make the Zope products you generate available to 
>others so they can put up their photos too!
>   What you describe with the @photo tag in a "sorta HTML" page is actually 
>going to be quite simple to do in Zope. Ask around on the zope mailing lists if 
>you're stuck - they're all quite helpful people over there :)
All true, and worth repeating.

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