Jason Benderly jbenderl at olf.com
Fri Apr 7 10:14:27 EDT 2000

Hi Nick,

Could yo be more specific about those things that you wouldn't want to know.
I want to know...


Nick Maclaren wrote:

> If you want a really silly idea, it probably wouldn't be hard to
> convert Python's C source to Perl, because the former looks pretty
> clean and therefore could be translated semi-automatically without
> needing a full-blown C to Perl compiler.  That's the easy bit.
> When you put 130,000 lines of translated source into Perl, you
> would discover things about Perl that you didn't want to know and
> even its author had not suspected :-)
> And I suspect that those Web sites would disembowel you after their
> systems had melted down ....
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