using httpdlib with a proxy server

Lenny Self lenny at
Mon Apr 10 22:43:56 CEST 2000

Ok.  I can use urllib to send a get request through a proxy server.  It will
return the page as well as the headers.  I am not, however, able to pull out
the error code (ie 200,404).  I need these codes as part of my logging .
Does anyone have any suggestions? Am I just not seeing where to pull them
from in the urllib module?


    -- Lenny Self
        lenny at

"Lenny Self" <lenny at> wrote in message
news:ChoI4.844$g54.17363 at> I am attempting to write a
small script that sends a list of URLs though a
> proxy server and then records a bit of information on the respose.  I
> I could use the httplib module to help with this, however, I don't see
> it can send a request though a proxy server. Does anyone know of a module
> that will allow me to do this?
>     -- Lenny Self
>         lenny at

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