Best database to use with Python

‘5ÛHH575-UAZWKVVP-7H2H48V3 thomas at
Wed Apr 26 15:24:55 CEST 2000


What database-system is easiest, fastest etc. to use with Python? I`ve
looked at MySQL, but it seems a little overkill just to get a little
more functionality than Berkley DB-functionality. What about Postgres?

Postgres comes with my Linux distro and seem smaller than MySQL. How
does it compare to MySQL when it comes to administration and speed,
scalability etc. ?

I`m doing alot of index-lookups for a
Yahoo/Altavista/WhatEverSearchEngine-like web-app.

It have to be fast, capable of HUGE amounts of data, free and easy to
install and administer.



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