simple httplib and urllib timeout question

Oleg Broytmann phd at
Wed Apr 12 04:27:33 EDT 2000

Hi, there!

On Tue, 11 Apr 2000, Michal Wallace (sabren) wrote:
> meanwhile... HEY OLEG! -> have you done anything w/ this?

   I am about to release the third version of my "Bookmarks database and
Internet robot" project. It is 98% finished, I just need a bit more
testing. If you are interested, I can publish it in current beta state.

   The third version is a complete rewrite. All things had been revamped,
and rewriteen in OO manner, and made more modular and pluggable. I don't
value OO by itself, but this time the OO approach helped me to make the
code simpler, smaller, more readable and reusable.

   After releasing it, I'll continue to work on new modules and plugins.
There are thre areas for plugins - database managers, so called writers
(data dumpers that could dump data to different text formats) and robots.
   Currently I (re)implemented 2 robots - simple and forking, Forking robot
is fine, but slow - it checks one URL at a time.

   In the field of your interest - yes, I want to write more robots, at
least two - I want a threading robot, but much more than that I want an
asyncore-based robot. I haven't done anything yet; it seems I need to
rewrite the entire urllib to use asyncore, and it is hard work. Anyway I
need the work to be done, so if no one would help me - I will do it myself.
At least will TRY to do it :)

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