Why doesn't O'Reilly use parrots on its python books?

Grant Edwards nobody at nowhere.nohow
Sun Apr 23 22:58:57 EDT 2000

On 23 Apr 2000 21:40:43 -0400, Alex <cut_me_out at hotmail.com> wrote:

>Given their venerable standing in Python lore, it surprises me that none
>of O'reilly's python books have a parrot on the cover.  There must be
>lots of types of parrots to go around, even if some O'reilly books
>already have them.

IIRC, the Python parrot would need to be a Norwegian Blue.
Lovely plumage...

>And the python book could be distinguished by the fact that its
>parrot is lying on its back with its feet curled up...
>A really agressive looking rabbit would work, too.

With sharp, pointy teeth?

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