what is pythonwin?

Gordon McMillan gmcm at hypernet.com
Fri Apr 14 08:18:15 EDT 2000

Robert Kiendl wrote:

> i ve got embedded the normal pyhton (python15.dll) into a windows
> mfc-app.
> now i want to use some of the win32ui stuff, but cannot load that
> mysterious *.pyd files, whereas normal python.exe from the winall
> distribution does it. are these dll's? 


> is pythonwin not based on the
> normal python? 

Normal python.

> do i have to handle the pythonwin source-distribution?
> link another dll?
> i do not get the right track from the standard docs.

Are you by chance using a debug build? Then all the .pyd's 
need to built for debug too. Otherwise it's probably something 
silly, like your PYTHONPATH.

- Gordon

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