Python paradigms

Bill Anderson banderson at
Wed Apr 19 12:57:35 EDT 2000

"Robert W. Cunningham" wrote:
>  blah = (((test and [true]) or [false])[0])             # blah = (test ?
> true : false)
> Works for me!  Only if I have a good reason to suspect a problem in this
> particular line of code will I have to look past the comment.  Which, I
> believe, is the entire purpose of in-line comments in the first place.  The
> best way to get someone to read every single line of your code is to fail to
> properly comment it.
> Are there ANY Python programmers who don't also know at least this much C?

Given that Python is being used to teach programming to people who don't
know it, yes. And you can expect that number to increase.

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