Python/Perl Popularity (Re: A Mountain of Perl...)

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Wed Apr 12 08:15:34 CEST 2000

>     tom>  -- How can I browse the Python documentation without firing
>     tom> up a web browser?
> Convert it to text format. It's latex, you can make it into anything
> you want, and do anything you want with it.

Well, what I'm suggesting is that it might be a good idea
to make a command-line accessible version of the documentation,
together with a command line tool, available as part of the
standard distribution.

>     tom>  -- Is there a Python equivalent of CPAN and the Perl CPAN
>     tom> module?  The closest I know of is Parnassus.  But Parnassus
>     tom> is merely a collection of links, not an archive, and it
>     tom> doesn't have any facilities (AFAIK) for automatic
>     tom> installation.
> So, who gives a crap?
> I try not to be that lazy.

So, you are saying that you basically agree: compiling and
installing modules is more work on Python, but that really
shouldn't matter because expecting to install modules quickly
is just laziness.  Well, I admit it, I'm lazy.

perldoc and the Perl CPAN module are really nice and well done,
and as a user, I miss that functionality when I use Python.
Why not learn from Perl where they did something good? This
antagonism between the two camps, expressed in your and other
posts, just seems really silly to me as a user of both languages.


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