1st non-trivial program - gentle criticism requested

Donn Cave donn at oz.net
Fri Apr 14 00:01:16 EDT 2000

Quoth "Fredrik Lundh" <effbot at telia.com>:
| Gary D. Duzan <gduzan at gte.com> wrote:
|> This potential stumbling block makes me wonder if allowing the
|> singleton case was really wise.
| stumbling block?
| what kind of programmer changes his code without thinking,
| reading what he just typed, or running the resulting program?
| if you want to optimize python for that kind of programmer,
| you have to change a whole lot more than the string formatting
| operator...

That sounds like me, if I understand you right.  I'm not sure
how ``reading what he just typed'' would save anyone here, but
``without thinking'' certainly seems to describe some of my work,
and ``running the resulting program'' is a frequently omitted
step if we require that the particular code in question must execute.

I don't have any suggestions for solving my problems, just wanted
to volunteer as an example of that kind of programmer.  I believe
I'm exceptional, though.

	Donn Cave, donn at u.washington.edu

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