Why should I switch to Python?

Fredrik Lundh effbot at telia.com
Sat Apr 1 21:02:04 CEST 2000

Aaron Turner wrote:
> Honestly the more I reasearch, the more it seems that it's purely
> a matter of taste.


> If you like Perl, there's nothing inherient about Python that makes
> it better.

works both ways, you know...

> Basically if you know both languages, and were planning a mid-sized
> project, why would you choose Python?  It's hard to take my friend
> seriously in his evaluation when he says he'd rather do this project
> in C++  than in Perl (especially when he doesn't know Perl).

well, I know several highly experienced C++ programmers who've
tried to learn Perl, and failed (quoting them would be trolling, so I
won't do that here :-).

haven't heard any such stories about Python.

so assuming that you're be doing this as a team effort, and that
the team's overall throughput matters, maybe you should respect
his opinion, and see if *you* can adapt to Python's way of doing


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