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Johann Hibschman johann at
Thu Apr 6 14:37:18 EDT 2000

Hugues Demers writes:

> Can somebody help me on this? I'm using python to read big arrays
> (100x2000) of float. I manipulate those arrays, I do small
> operations on them. That is ok. I do others smalls calculations not
> involving the big arrays and then the interpreter hang ! The cpu
> percentage used by python goes up and there is nothing else to be
> done except to kill the interpreter. I have no idea what's going
> on. Do I need to free memory in some way ? Am I doing something
> wrong ? There is nothing special about the calculations involving
> the big arrays. The only thing special is that they are big.

Are you using the Numeric package?  I've never seen behaviour like that.

1. are you using Numeric or array?
2. how are you reading them in?
3. how are you calculating them?  Numeric math ops or explicit loops over
   raw arrays?
4. could something be keeping a reference to the arrays?
5. what OS are you on?
6. version of python?

Sorry, I think we all need a bit more information to answer you.


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