Doesn't anybody write to paper anymore?

Fredrik Lundh effbot at
Thu Apr 13 14:00:57 EDT 2000

Albert Wagner <alwagner at> wrote:
> I've searched the docs and my "Learning Python" book and I can't find
> anything on printing to a real printer.  Through trial and error I
> finally made the following work:
> printer = open('/dev/lp0', 'w')
> printer.write("page 1\n\r\f")
> printer.write("page 2\n\r\f")
> printer.close

oh, you're on unix...

this might work:

    printer = os.popen("lpr", "w")
    printer.write("page 1\n\f")

for more information, read the OS documentation for
lpr and friends.


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