Help Needed-IDLE (Linux)Upgrading

Me me at
Fri Apr 28 16:18:56 EDT 2000

It is there! I did the same thing...either do a search for "python" or
"idle" or look in (forgive me I am not on my box at the moment) /usr/share
????  IT IS THERE THOUGH! I would move the old (just in case) and then copy
it in. I am new too.


"Snoopy :-))" <genius at> wrote in message
news:3909CC26.D684AD92 at
> No Flames Please. I am a NEWBIE :-))
> Using Linux (RH-6.1) I have downloaded the Idle-0.5 Upgrade "tgz".
> package.But I don't know where and how to install the package.
> After unzipping the package I've read the README
> file which doesn't seem togive clear instructions regarding installation
> of the upgrade. On my system Idle is in /usr/bin
> but this is only the executable file without subdirectories where I
> would be able to put the untared and uzippedfiles.
> I would appreciate a helping hand
> Best regards
> Charles Takacs

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