opening a serial port at a given baudrate. How?

Jim Richardson warlock at
Tue Apr 4 22:08:39 EDT 2000

On 04-Apr-2000 David Arnold wrote:
> -->"Jim" == Jim Richardson <warlock at> writes:
>   Jim> I can't seem to find any info on opening a serial port in
>   Jim> python!. (I am using linux for developement, but would like to
>   Jim> be able to use the app on any python system, it is text only,
>   Jim> no gui, at least for now. )
> there is no portable way to open a serial port.  this is not least
> because there is no portable way to name your serial ports, but goes
> further than that.
> on unix (including linux), just open the device special file
> corresponding to the serial port of interest (ie. /dev/ttyS0) and you
> can then control it using fcntl.ioctl() function and otherwise read
> from and write to it like a normal file object.

I have been using open('/dev/ttyS0','r+')
but need to control baud rate. fcntl.ioctl() will do this? 
 I can't seem to find (on machine, haven't checked on-line yet
how to do this, but thanks for the pointer! Knowing where to look is at
least half the battle.

> on win32 there is a serial I/O module (serialmodule?) that a quick
> deja search will locate for you.
> i'd recommend the POSIX serial programming guide (any search engine
> should find it) as a good primer for Unix serial programming ...

OK, will do, thanks again.

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