NameError when assigning dictionary values

lewst lewst at
Sun Apr 2 19:17:57 EDT 2000

Fredrik Lundh <effbot at> wrote:

> if you want to create variables in the local namespace
> on the fly, you're obviously trying to emulate some other
> programming language (Tcl?) in Python.  that's usually a 
> rather bad idea.

I was trying to build a dictionary and create lists corresponding to
the value names in the dictionary in one loop.

Do I really have to type "one" and "two" twice?  Once to make it a
variable and a second time to add to my dictionary?  I.e,

>>> one, two = [], []

>>> mydict = { ".": one, "+": two }

This seems error prone if the the number of variables grows very large
as it will for me.

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