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Donald Beaudry donb at
Mon Apr 17 17:20:31 EDT 2000

jimsp <jimsp at> wrote:
> How about
> >>> import random
> >>> x = [0]*1000000
> >>> y = map(lambda x: random.randint(1,10), x)

Hmm.... believe it or not that one is much closer to what I meant to
type as my 'or better' example, than the rubbish that I did type ;)

But, this one beats it (and I tested it this time ;).

  import random
  y = map(lambda x, randint=random.randint: randint(1,10), xrange(100000))

and this one is better still (at least on my machine):

  def do_it():
      from random import randint
      r = [0,] * 100000
      for i in xrange(100000):
         r[i] = randint(1,10)

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