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Hank Fay hank at
Sat Apr 22 09:33:13 EDT 2000

Hi Ken,

An article on Python Server Pages appeared in two parts recently in DDJ.
The web site associated with the article is at

Chuck's announcement of WebWare in this group is just as exciting, since it
gets rid of the overhead of the servlet engine; putting together "server
pages" in Visual FoxPro on Wintel was a snap using a similar tool that only
(of course) works on WinTel.  I'm looking forward to doing the same with
Python, using WebKit as the tool.

Hank Fay

"Ken McCracken" <aa175 at> wrote in message
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> Brent Fulgham (brent.fulgham at wrote:
> : A couple of questions:
> :
> : > We build medium-busy, CGI-intensive sites in Python. We were briefly
> : > quite excited about Zope, but once we realized it locked us into Yet
> : > Another Programming Language, we lost interest. DHTML is particularly
> I'm a bit of an armchair programmer, but it would seem that JSP nad
> Jpython and a Db could be put together to end up with a zopelike result,
> without language lockin. No?
> Ken McCracken
> Toronto

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