Python tools for PDE and Linear algebra

Roger Hansen rogerha at
Mon Apr 17 14:11:29 CEST 2000

* Me
> > Does anyone know
> > some PDE tools or are working on such projects? Support for different
> > numerical methods as Finite Difference and Finite Element Methods
> > would be nice.

* Stephen R. Figgins
> I don't know of any in Python, Roger, but there are some free
> libraries available for C++. You can find them listed at:
> You might be able to adapt one of these, rewrite it in python or
> maybe just call it from python.
> I expect these would be rather computationally expensive, and so you
> might be better off with having them written in C or C++.

Yes, there are several libraries for these things in C/C++. But since
I find Python a much better programming language than C++ I'd like to
use Python. I realize that I then might have to wrap an existing
library. But that may be a rather big job, especially wrapping a C++
library, so if anyone has done this already I'd be very happy. :-)



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