partial parsing?

Andrew Dalke dalke at
Sun Apr 23 21:27:55 CEST 2000


  I'm interested in writing a parser generator which is somewhat
different than yacc/flex, SPARK, Plex, etc.  Those parsers generate
code which verifies every byte in the file and expects that I'm
interested in most of the data.

  In my case, I have a lot of data (>100MB) in a known good format
of which I'm only interested in a few items, but the specific items
can change.

  What people usually do is hand write a parser which extracts only
the specified fields.  I've written parsers which parse every field
and use a callback event so clients can listen only to fields they
want, but the performance suffers.

  Instead, I want to start with the full grammer and specify both
which events I'm interested in getting and a stringency criterion.
A low stringency could potentially skip 200 bytes, or read 5 lines,
without actually checking to see if the data was correct.

  I've been looking for existing parser generators which work like
this, to use as a basis for my understanding, but I can't seem to
find anything this this.  All the systems I've seen assume you want
everything except whitespace.

  Can anyone here provide pointers to relevant programs or papers?

                    dalke at

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