Installer / mxDateTime problem

Gordon McMillan gmcm at
Thu Apr 6 19:07:34 CEST 2000

I wrote:

> Richard Chamberlain wrote:
> > I've got a simple script that uses mxDateTime that I want to run as an exe.
> > I run it through and I get the following error:
> > 
> > NameError: Case mismatch for module name feasts
> > (filename C:\Program Files\Python\DateTime\
> If I attempt to import DateTime.feasts interactively, I get the 
> same error. Do you have PYTHONCASEOK set? The exe isn't 
> going to do that for you.

And then I played with mxDateTime and I see what you're 
talking about. Aargh. You've run into a bug in Installer, 
(Windows case preserving case insensitive file names again), 
but after that you'll run into a perversion in mxDateTime (the 
fact the mxDateTime is both the name of a package and the 
name of a module, so the "from mxDateTime import *" 
succeeds even when it fails.) (Actually he does this with 
DateTime, too, but that one works).

All these "import *"s also include all the test code. I'm 
suprised that dependency tracking isn't fooled by LazyModule, 
considering what it does to "dir()".

- Gordon

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