Building python on HPUX-10.2

Xaveer Leijtens xaveer at
Wed Apr 26 21:44:07 CEST 2000

You might want to try the HP-UX porting and archive center, which has
Python 1.5.2 prepackaged (and lots of other stuff):

Good luck.

Richard P. Muller <rpm at> wrote:
> I have successfully built python on a number of diffent platforms, but
> I'm having serious problems on HPUX 10.2. I go through the normal
> configure/make procedure, but the make crashes right away, when it is
> trying to link the first object (pgen), because it can't find the
> correct dl library (?).

> Has anyone successfully compiled Python on HPUX-10.*? If so, what
> configure string did you use?

> Rick

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