Reading user input

Teemu Keskinarkaus teemu.keskinarkaus at
Fri Apr 28 06:59:41 EDT 2000


I'm doing some studing about python and MySQL. I've done little test
program where I use database from python. Now I need get user input to
do some queries(and other stuff) to database. I've read Python manual
but haven't found simple solution to do that. I can read something
using curses but I don't like it. Is there other(and simpler) way to
do that??

I've done only CGI programs with python and there haven't been any
need to read chars from user input. Only stuff from stdin that httpd
have put there.

At this case 'user input' is not arguments given when program starts
but variables that are given when program is running. 

Of course I could do html-page and do my test program as CGI and use
it that way but it's too much trouble when I'm only trying to learn
databases and how to use them from python.


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