Best database to use with Python

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‘5ÛHH575-UAZWKVVP-7H2H48V3 <thomas at> wrote:
> What database-system is easiest, fastest etc. to use with Python? I`ve
> looked at MySQL, but it seems a little overkill just to get a little
> more functionality than Berkley DB-functionality. What about Postgres?
> mSQL? 

> Postgres comes with my Linux distro and seem smaller than MySQL. How

Actually I think you will find PostgreSQL larger than MySQL.

> does it compare to MySQL when it comes to administration and speed,
> scalability etc. ?

I don't use MySQL as I find that PostgreSQL has more features and works
fast enough for my needs.  Like most RDBMSs in its class the expensive
part is updates and inserts but the retrievals are quite snappy.  The
one time I tried to administer a MySQL system I was a little horrified.
PostgreSQL was easier to understand.  That could just be me, of course.

Doesn't mSQL have some funny licensing issues?

> I`m doing alot of index-lookups for a
> Yahoo/Altavista/WhatEverSearchEngine-like web-app.

> <entering_demand_mode>
> It have to be fast, capable of HUGE amounts of data, free and easy to
> install and administer.
> </entering_demand_mode>

Since PostgreSQL comes with your system I would stick with it unless you
find something in MySQL that you need that PostgreSQL doesn't have.

And don't rule out Berkley DB-functionality if your requirements are simple
enough.  It can be extremely fast, it's small and there are some nice
Python interfaces to it, particularly shelve.

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