Scripting and Gnome and KDE

Bill Anderson banderson at
Mon Apr 17 15:07:50 EDT 2000

Alex Thomas wrote:
> This might seem an odd way to choose a GUI, but if you had the choice
> between scripting Gnome/Gtk or KDE/Qt-based components using Python, which
> would you go for?
> Thanks peeps
> Alex

The biggest problem I have with the bindings I have seen (pyFLTK ..
currently using this one, pyGTK/pyGNOME,pyQt) is that the documentation
assumes you use the tookit's original documentation. Many pythoneers
don't use C or C+fuss. In order to understand the bindings, you have to
understand the original toolkit's native language. That alone has put
off many aspiring pythoneers, I can attest to.

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