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Wed Apr 12 20:49:16 CEST 2000

Hi All--

Michael Hudson wrote:
> Ivan Van Laningham <ivanlan at> writes:
> > Hi All--
> > This is not precisely about Python, but it does affect my *usage* of
> > Python on redhat 6.1.
> >
> > Why don't #! scripts seem to work anymore?  #!/usr/bin/python and
> > #!/usr/bin/perl scripts don't work.  Error is
> Someone's taken /usr/bin/python away?  Tried strace-ing it?

Perl and Python both work if I do 'perl h2n' or 'python'. 
Interactive mode works fine.

> I presume /bin/sh scripts are still working (wouldn't like to think
> what happened if they went away).

Sh scripts do work, as long as I remember to do ./script ;-).  I'm
running as root (but the same thing happens when I run as myself, too). 
However, this could be explained by the default behavour of exec(),
which states that if the kernel can't run a program, it execs sh and
hands it the program name in argv.

>   incidentally, asking why things are "left out of the language" is
>   a good sign that the asker is fairly clueless.

<but-what-about-things-left-out-of-the-kernel?>-ly y'rs,
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