Classes, Inheritance - Stupid lazy question

Michael Hudson mwh21 at
Wed Apr 12 06:35:04 EDT 2000

"Paul Gresham" <gresham at> writes:

> I like this solution a lot, it makes a lot of sense. Thanks Michael.
> I guess somewhere in Python is a defined route back to the super
> class, on a better day I may just dig through the code.

For a variey of reasons, class heirachies in Python are usually pretty
shallow, so this isn't often too much of a problem.  I think the
median depth of class heriachies in code I right is probably 1...


  On the other hand,  the following areas are subject to boycott
  in reaction to the rampant impurity of design or execution, as
  determined after a period of study, in no particular order: 

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