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Greg McFarlane gregm at
Thu Apr 20 16:34:59 CEST 2000

On 18 Apr, Pete wrote:
> I am trying to determine which widget,  the focus is currently on in my
> code.  When I make a call to get_focus() it gives me an instance of a
> TKinter.Entry,  but I am only creating PMW widgets (which are of course
> extended from TKinter).  Since I am not creating TKinter widgets
> explicitly in my own code,  how can I determine which PMW widget that
> specific TKinter.Entry instance belongs to?

You will need to maintain a list of all the Tkinter widgets in your
application that can get focus and compare them against the one
returned by focus.get().  You can get the component widgets of a
Pmw megawidget by using the component() method. For example
    entryfield = Pmw.EntryField()
    entry = entryfield.component('entry')
The Pmw documentation lists all the components of each megawidget,
along with their types.

However, would it not be better to use something like
bind('<FocusIn>') on all the widgets (or component widgets of
megawidgets) you are interested in, then your application can be
notified whenever focus changes, rather than having to ask for it.

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