Python/Perl Popularity (Re: A Mountain of Perl...)

Martijn Faassen m.faassen at
Wed Apr 12 13:09:18 CEST 2000

Daniel Berlin+list.python <dan at> wrote:

>     tom>  -- Is there a Python equivalent of CPAN and the Perl CPAN
>     tom> module?  The closest I know of is Parnassus.  But Parnassus
>     tom> is merely a collection of links, not an archive, and it
>     tom> doesn't have any facilities (AFAIK) for automatic
>     tom> installation.

> So, who gives a crap?
> I try not to be that lazy.

I care, for instance. The distutils people care. Please don't assume
nobody cares when there's a whole SIG about this issue. 

It's not only about laziness (though that's a good trait in a programmer :),
it's about accessibility. Python modules should be very easy to get
and install. This makes Python more useable by people who don't know
Python, such as sysadmins, and users. It also is good for Computer Programming
for Everybody.

> Why do i get the feeling you'll never be satisfied?

Why attacking Tom so much? What has Tom done to you in the past? Why
does he get the bad reception he does? He isn't spreading misinformation,
is he? He has reasonable requests, in my opinion. 

Quick-someone-start-a-math-discussion!-ly yours,

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