Why MFC instead of Tkinter -- was Re: Pythonwin?

Mark Hammond mhammond at skippinet.com.au
Thu Apr 20 22:22:19 EDT 2000

"Don Tuttle" <tuttledon at hotmail.com> wrote in message
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> Which brings up the question near and dear to a lazy man's heart like
> myself..  Which is the eaiser Windows GUI builder for Python--VB or VC++
> With VB,  I've only seen Python mentioned as a COM object to be used by
> Are there other ways?

Probably, but this is the best.  Using this technique, you generally end
up with all the UI logic (ie, this is selected, so I need to disable these
controls, etc) written in VB.  Only your "business logic" is done in
Python.  It probably is possible to do some of the GUI logic in Python,
but that doesnt make as much sense given VBs IDE support for this.  You
can swap VB for Delphi in this sentence too...

> With VC++,  I gather you use the dialog editor to generate the MFC code
> you then plug into Python?  Correct?

Exactly.  With MFC/Pythonwin, you get to create a DLL that contains UI
resources, and use them.  "Use them" means load them, display them, and
hook all the messages and notifications for them - ie, your GUI logic ends
up completely in Python, without the nice, trendy
"double-click-on-an-object-to-edit-its-event-list" IDE that VB/Delphi give


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