Using ADO in IIS

charlie jon at
Mon Apr 10 18:32:37 EDT 2000

Can someone please help me use ADO from IIS.  I just purchased Mark's new
book on Win32 but his example on page #254 is for Pythonwin not for
ASP/Python.  The ASP context requires different object creation syntax.
I've been asking this question for over six months and no one seems to know
or care about finding a solution.

The only reason I'm not using Python at work is over ADO:SQL accessibility.
It's cool to loop and call cool functions, but without database connectivity
Python is pretty much useless in this web world.  Everything requires
database connectivity this days. Please don't reply with: you can use ODBC.
I've been hearing that for months.  Besides, it's not supported.  I can't
sell Python to my boss if I can't use ADO.

I've seen many others ask this same question over and over with no resolve.
Can we work together to finally find an ASP/ADO/Python solution.

The way I see it, solving this challenge could significantly boost Python
adoption in the web developer realm.


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