HTML Form to Python Script Problem

Patrick Phalen python-list at
Sun Apr 2 17:05:10 EDT 2000

[Jim Conger, on Sun, 02 Apr 2000]
:: I'm having trouble getting a simple form to launch a python script on my
:: RH6.1 system.  Python runs fine alone, but I don't get any action when I
:: launch a script.  Here is the HTML form:


:: The python script is in the same directory as the HTML file and looks
:: like:


Your form and CGI script are in the same directory? Your script isn't
in /cgi-bin?

:: The script is set to be executable by all and runs fine alone.  However,
:: nothing happens when I click the submit button on the HTML form.  Any
:: clues?

(Having a CGI script executable by all is not a good idea.)

Since this is RH6.1, presumably you're running Apache. Sounds like you
might want to visit and read the docs,
particularly the docs for ScriptAlias.

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