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Try "Python and Tkinter Programming" by John E. Grayson. It is an
excellent book, full of useful information on using Python in the real

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lewst <lewst at> wrote:
> Having finished "Learning Python", I'm now looking for an advanced
> Python text. ORA's "Programming Python" is a natural choice, but I
> can't bear buying this outdated book when the 2nd edition is due out
> in a few months (I'm dying here Lutz, hurry it up already!). However,
> I really need something in the interim period. The library reference
> manual is fine but usage is difficult for me to figure out sometimes
> because there are very few examples included.
> Does anyone have any suggestions? I suppose I'm looking for a text
> that has examples of how to solve various kinds of programming
> problems in Python and also examples of code showing how the library
> and various modules actually work. How is the "Python Essential
> Reference" on examples? Is it just a rebinding of the
> library reference
> Thank-you.
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