Python and COM without Automation (Dispatch)

Vespe Savikko vespe at
Mon Apr 3 12:11:51 EDT 2000

PythonCOM works very well with COM objects that implement IDispatch
interface. However, I have a number of COM objects that do not
implement IDispatch and I would like to use them from Python as well.

>From the book _Python Programming on Win32_ I gather that I would have
to create a PythonCOM extension DLL and that might even be quite a 
simple and possibly automated process (with the help of SWIG and other
tools), but I haven't been able to find any detailed instructions on
the subject.

I haven't walked through the win32com source code yet so if the
necessary information is located somewhere among the source files, you
can ignore this message. 

Any help is appreciated.


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