[Win32] Retrieve icon for file type?

Thomas Heller thomas.heller at ion-tof.com
Wed Apr 26 12:22:29 EDT 2000

> I'm attempting to use the Windows registry to retrieve (and convert to a
> PNG/JPEG) the Windows icons for given files (so that a Windows-based
> can display file-type-specific icons).  I do not seem to be able to find
> function shellapi.ExtractIcon (
> http://msdn.microsoft.com/library/psdk/winui/icons_7h2m.htm ) in the Win32
> extensions.

You might want to look at
MEInc/Dist/icon.py in Gordon's win32 installer package.
This file uses LoadResource to extract icons from executable files.
(Note however that you get the raw data, and not an HICON).


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