Chuck Esterbrook echuck at
Mon Apr 24 17:57:48 EDT 2000

The short question:

If I catch a SystemExit exception (because of an invocation of sys.exit(code)), how do I examine the argument to sys.exit()?

The long story:

I have a try..except like so:

	    execfile(filename, namespace)
	    # handle problems

I'd like to treat the case of "sys.exit(0)" as a special case in the exception handler because I'm executing another script. If that script calls sys.exit(0), that's OK. If it throws any other kind of exception, I need to log it and report it.

My attempt in the "except:" is this:

	self._errorOccurred = 1
	excInfo = sys.exc_info()
	if excInfo[0]==SystemExit:
		data = excInfo[1]
		if data==0 or data==None:
			self._errorOccurred = 0

But "_errorOccured" is never set to 0, because 'data' isn't what I expected. Upon printing the "excInfo" tuple I get:

    (<class exceptions.SystemExit at 80afc70>, <exceptions.SystemExit instance at 8110f58>, <traceback object at 811f540>) 

And the attributes of the SystemExit instance are:

    ['__doc__', '__init__', '__module__'] 

I don't know how to get my hands on the exit code.


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