Gordon McMillan gmcm at
Wed Apr 26 08:29:03 EDT 2000

Donald Beaudry wrote:

> quinn at (Quinn Dunkan) wrote,
> > Anyway, even if you could figure out the ambiguity problem, I
> > don't think metaclasses would help you, bytecodehacks might.
> *If* bytecodehacks could help, metaclasses could be used to make
> calling them neat and clean.  The idea is that during class
> instantiation the metaclass would, using bytecodehacks, rewrite
> all of the class's methods.  This might confuse the poor guy who
> comes along and tries to derive a new class from one of these
> 'self less'.

And then we could argue about whether being 'self less' 
makes them "altrustic" <wink> [cf long-lived, contentless 
splinter of the Economics of Open Source thread].

- Gordon

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