Debugging confusion -- too many stacks!

Darrell darrell at
Sun Apr 2 21:30:35 CEST 2000

From: "Christian Tismer"
> The following watches are always active when I'm debuging:
> (are there similar ways to do this with PDB?)
> (char*)(f->f_code->co_name)+20       # current function name
> (char*)(f->f_code->co_filename)+20   # current file name
> f->f_lineno                          # line number
> In order to see which frame is calling you, do the same, but
> replace "f" by "f->f_back".

pdb works pretty good.
I use it all the time. You can get the call stack or what ever you want to
look at.

> What I really wished were a way to extend a given debugger
> with your own support code, to make PyObjects more visible.
On a really bad day you could use both pdb and a 'C' level debugger.
If you have a lot of bad days, I could imagine there must be ways to enhance
the interplay of these two debuggers.


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