Who is this years winner?

Tim Peters tim_one at email.msn.com
Mon Apr 3 01:30:25 EDT 2000

[Peter Funk, seeking justice]
> Today on April 2nd I began to wonder whether the PSA Steering
> Committee has already decided on the winner of the third Pythonic
> Award.

Yes, they have.  It's ME!!!  And nobody can prove it's not.

> Fortunately www.python.org is back online now but unfortunately
> the page
> 	<http://www.python.org/PSAward.html>
> seems to show up a file from two year old backup, and so does the
> Shrine of the of the winner of the first Python Award at
> 	<http://www.python.org/tim_one/>

Yes too, that's from the First Pythonic Award.  Which remains the most
recent.  On 1-Apr-99, I unilaterally changed MY title to The Only Living
Pythonic Award Winner, and announced this would be MY honorific for life --
by any means necessary.  Since then, potential winners other than ME have,
umm, gracefully withdrawn.  I'm sure it's just coincidence that the PSA
Steering Committee has never been heard from again.

> May I kindly ask some member of the famous Steering Committee to publish
> this years decision here?

Sure!  Ask all you like <snicker>.

don't-ever-mess-with-an-insecure-bot-ly y'rs  - tim

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