Remotely running a python script

Darrell darrell at
Wed Apr 5 23:58:27 CEST 2000

None of this is your solution but should provide some ideas.

Win32 approach.

There's lots of socket examples on
Here's an example that might help you get started if sockets are your cup of

It waits for a connection on one port then forwards it to another port.
In your case it would just launch a .py file and return the stdout.

If you have Mark Hammond's Win32 stuff installed try naming your script with
It'll run nicely out of site without a console.


"Richard Chamberlain"
> Does anyone know a way I can remotely trigger a python script on a Win95
> machine?
> What I want to do is trigger an event from a vb client and run a python
> script on another PC in the business.
> They are able to see each other via IP and the client has a drive mapped
> that is a shared folder on the python side.

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